Features/ Benefits 9

 “ADC’s focus on research and development is evident in every aspect of the product. There is a constant evolution of the product in that every feature a veterinary dentist might want in an electronic charting program has been considered.”

“The ADC team has created a full service medical record system for veterinary dental patients, with the exception of a billing platform. From connectivity with referring veterinarians to anesthesia monitoring that can auto-populate standard anesthesia forms, ADC provides impressive features. Since it is a secure online program with real-time backups every minute, data will not be lost or corrupted. The program is best utilized on a chair-side tablet with use of a stylus to take advantage of the draw feature on both the dental chart and the bone and soft tissue chart. The ADC team is constantly seeking feedback to improve the program, and as a beta tester, it has been impressive to see how the program has evolved over a short period of time. The ADC team’s attention to detail has allowed this program to become what may be the most comprehensive, user-friendly medical record system available for veterinary dental patients.”

John Lewis, VMD, FAVD, DAVDC

Veterinary Dental Specialists

Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.



"Animal Dental Chart is a versatile, user friendly program that will keep your schedule and your dental charts in perfect order.  Whether you are new to veterinary dentistry or  performing advanced procedures, this software system is for you!   It has many great features including an anesthetic dosing and monitoring chart. The portal system allows your clients and referring veterinarians to login and view their pet's chart!  It is everything you will want from a dental charting program.  Professional and innovative!  I love it!"

Dr. Regan L. Morris 

Bayview Wellington Veterinary Clinic

Toronto, Ontario, Canada



"To Dr. Ian Haws and the ADC team:

I wish to congratulate you on an excellent dental charting system! My dental referral service has benefited greatly both due to the fast medical record turnaround for my referral doctors and clients to see, but also for the outstanding graphics and easy- to -read imaging.  The information that my staff has learned from your record set up and organization has also improved their level of dental education and secondly their level of educating our clients! Many thanks again!"

Dr. Tom Klein

East Hilliard Veterinary Services  

Hilliard, Ohio, U.S.A.



"The Animal Dental Chart is, in my opinion, the most comprehensive electronic veterinary dental charting system currently available.  Having separate, but linked, charts for dental, (permanent and deciduous), hard, and soft tissue findings are impressive.  The ability to keep the anesthetic monitoring chart along with the dental chart makes it easy to share in a paperless office.  The automatic backup features should help settle the fears many have of losing data. 

As a beta tester, the ADC team has taken feedback, both positive and negative, and made the program better.  As a result, there have been a number of improvements to the program, both big and small, that have made it more user friendly and intuitive.

The program is optimized for chairside tablet and stylus use, but it can also be run on laptops.

The most impressive aspect of the Animal Dental Chart is its versatility. The charting system can be as simple or detailed as the operator wishes."

Steven R. Honzelka, DVM, DAVDC

Animal Dentistry & Oral Surgery Specialists, LLC

Oshkosh & Milwaukee, Wisconsin, U.S.A.



"I elected to try Animal Dental Charting shortly after I opened my practice in 2021.  The combined use of both anesthesia and dental charting has been a fantastic combination.  Admittedly it took me longer to start using the dental charting component as I have been so accustomed to paper charts but I finally took the leap to move to the automated system and it has been a game changer.
No more remembering to fill in paper charts or losing them in a stack of paperwork, and also not having to go through an extra step of scanning and attaching into the patient record.  The ADC program is very user friendly, intuitive and allows for immediate drag and drop into a patient attachment.  It also means no more hauling around paper charts to complete them if at home - I have the software on my work and home computer to allow flexibility.
My technicians love that they can manually enter numbers into a spreadsheet and this automatically generates a standard anesthesia symbol anesthesia chart for them - no more squinting and having to try and get the symbols and locations correct on the chart.  These .pdf options mean that my dental and anesthesia charts are immediately ready to attach to my referring veterinarian medical records that we send back to clinics."
Lana Bissett, DVM, DAVDC
Evergreen Veterinary Dentistry Services
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada