Release Notes


Release Type Date Release Comments
ADC Application 101/11/2023 v Major Release

There have been critical updates done to help prevent any potential hang issues for our app.


There is a completely re-designed user interface that runs on one page. It also has many new features to make it more intuitive and even easier to use. Some of the new features include the following:


- when adding a Client or Referring Vet, the country is defaulted to the Practice’s country

- an Ajax search is done when adding a different country from the default country for a fast selection


- Patient Medical History

- edit Client information easily by selecting the Edit icon in the tile

- edit Patient information easily by selecting the Edit icon in the tile

- edit Referring Vet information easily by selecting the Edit icon in the tile

- an Ajax search for a Referring Vet displays an alphabetical list of Clients for a Referring Vet


- Medical Records organized under their own dropdown list:

Body Weight



Master Problem List

Hospital Flowsheet and Notes

Case Summary


- Medical Charts organized under their own dropdown list:

Anesthetic Monitoring Chart

Dental Chart

Occlusal Dental Chart

Bone and Soft Tissue Chart


- Dental Chart

- in each quadrant view can choose Select All to apply the same Diagnosis or Procedure to all teeth in the quadrant


- if a Dental Chart or Anesthetic Monitoring Chart is closed without selecting Save, when either of these menu options is opened again a notice will display the name of the patient, the date, and local time the Dental Chart or Anesthetic Monitoring Chart was autosaved

- this gives the option to open the Chart to edit and save it


- Client Charts/ Education organized under their own dropdown list:

Dental Summary Chart

Bone and Soft Tissue Summary Chart

Client Education

Annotated Client Education


AVDC Abbreviation

- always available as a pop-up by selecting the icon on the lower taskbar



- always available by selecting the icon on the lower taskbar



- all support features are organized in a pop-up list displayed by selecting the Help icon


ADC Application 01/07/2023 v Major Release

This release updates the Calendar so it can be scrolled down for 12 months into the future for easy appointment scheduling.

There have been fixes at our servers for date modified entries for medical records across different time zones.

A correction has been made to an automatic duplication of the Dental Chart after entry of the DTC/R abbreviation. It also updates the DONE PREVIOUSLY Procedure abbreviations to being displayed once in the Dental Charts, Occlusal Dental Charts, and Dental Summary Charts when the same Procedure is done for a tooth more than twice.

A major fix has changed the handling of session IDs if more than one user is accessing ADC in the same practice at the same time using the same login credentials.

ADC was not designed to allow for multiple users to login with the same credentials on different computers or devices at the same time.

All users of ADC should login with their own unique e-mail addresses and passwords.

ADC Application 06/13/2022 v Major Release

Changes have been made in the application and at the servers to update the code signing certificates.


ADC Application 05/10/2022 v Major Release

This release updates the Anesthetic Quick Drug Calculator to include methadone.

The Calendar opens in a separate window to allow easy access to the Calendar when adding other medical records. It can be scrolled down for 6 months into the future for easy appointment scheduling.

The alternate phone number for the Client is added to the Patient Medical History Patient tile and when an appointment is added or opened in the Calendar.

Future dating can be created for Consultations, Rechecks, and Hospital Flowsheets. This permits setting up Consultations and Rechecks in advance of the appointments so they can be prepared by adding medical history notes. For the Hospital Flowsheet, this permits setting monitoring and treatment protocols for Patients overnight into the following day or days.

There have been major enhancements to the Client and Patient databases that are now copied to the local drive to allow for much faster  AJAX searches. Also, a Patient can be searched in Patient Medical History or in Quick Search by starting to enter the Client Last Name. Alternatively, this can be done by starting to enter the Patient Name, or by entry of the entire Patient ID to make this search function much more intuitive.

The enterprise class server apps have been updated as has the ADC app to provide secure and fast access to Practice databases with no interruptions.

ADC Application 09/02/2021 v Major Release

This release makes further updates to the Body Weight to provide a quick and easy method to review the Body Weight history for a Patient by opening the Patient Medical History or Body Weight menu options. An option has been added to permit customization of the Anesthetic Quick Drug Calculator for each Practice under Practice Settings. An ADC Notice has been added that will be sent to the Practice e-mail address whenever a Referring Vet uploads medical history to Patient Medical History, providing both the Referring Vet Practice name and Patient name.

As part of our ongoing support for the Research version of ADC, we have also made improvements to the user interface and order of data entry to help make it more user friendly to enter both research and clinical data.

ADC Application 06/13/2021 v Major Release

This release updates the server operating system, server database system, and the software development framework. This release also updates the ADC application. Application changes include tax table definition updates for invoicing through PayPal, improvements in the Search for Clients, Patients, and Referring Vets, automatic temperature conversion between °C and °F for the Anesthetic Monitoring Chart, an added DTC/R Procedure abbreviation,  an added Body Weight in Patient tiles, a fix for an Excel export issue, an addition of the Patient name to the header of the second page of the Anesthetic Monitoring Chart, and improvements in Calendar appointments. The Body Weight will be updated to the current weight entered in a Consultation or Recheck.

ADC Application 02/05/2021 v Major Release
This release updates the Dental Charts so that Furcation Exposure (FE) fields are displayed for multi-rooted teeth for dogs, cats, puppies, and kittens where the roots are normally separate and not fused. There are updates to several Abbreviations.
A fix has been made in ADC to prevent an iOS bug from rotating images when they are dragged and dropped into a Case Summary.
A previous modification in ADC completed in October 2020 gives the option of highlighting fields in the Canine Dental Chart for data collection, making ADC an excellent tool for use in clinical periodontal research in dogs. The data collected can then be automatically transferred to Dr. Colin Harvey's WGPS© spreadsheet, used with permission.
ADC Application 07/01/2020 v Major Release
This release adds major enhancements to search functions throughout the ADC app.A search can now be done for a Client by last name in descending alphabetical order. The search can be done on entry of one or more letters for a tile search and on entry of two or more letters for a dynamic dropdown search. A search can be done for any Patient by first name in descending alphabetical order or by Patient ID. The search can be done on entry of one or more characters for a tile search.Finally, a search can be done for a Referring Vet by last name or Practice name in descending alphabetical order. The search can be done on entry of one or more letters for a tile search and on entry of two or more letters for a dynamic dropdown search.This release also updates the EULA between Animal Dental Chart Inc. and the user.
ADC Application 04/18/2020 v Major Release
This release adds the major feature of now having the option of running the ADC application on Apple® and Android® computers and laptops by direct access on any internet browser using the URL This release also adds a major feature for the Dental Charts to easily allow the entry of Procedures done previously by adding an asterisk to any Procedure Abbreviation. These are then automatically displayed in the Dental Charts, Occlusal Dental Charts, and Dental Summary Charts as DONE PREVIOUSLY.
ADC Application 10/23/2019 v Major Release
This release adds the major feature of now having the option of running the ADC application on any computers or devices such as Macs, iPads, iPad Pros, and Android devices.  Remote Desktop Licenses can be added to the basic subscription when signing up to use ADC, or else added from within ADC by selecting Remote Desktop License(s) from the Settings dropdown list.  ADC will create Remote Desktop Login Names and Passwords to use with the Windows Remote Desktop application. Each License can be used by multiple users on any computer or device, and since each License runs directly on our servers, ADC runs extremely fast.
ADC Application 07/30/2019 v Practice Portal fixed

The "Forgot Password" feature is fixed.


Import Data updated

This now provides additional flexibility for Impromed.


Referring Vet updated

The e-mail address is now optional if the Referring Vet does not wish to have medical records e-mailed or does not wish to use the Practice Portal to view or download medical records for his or her own Patients.


Dental Chart updated

When the Diagnosis Excisional Biopsy (B/E) is selected, the Duplicate Dental Chart shows the updated Diagnosis that the tooth is missing (T/M).


Hospital Flowsheet updated

This now allows a future date and indicates°C or °F based on Practice Settings preference.

This also allows 5 characters to be entered for temperature.


Case Summary updated

The generated PDF is improved to better display oddly sized images.


ADC Application 06/13/2019 v Release Notes added

These are available to view when a new version of ADC is available by selecting View Release Notes and they are always available to view by selecting a new icon on the bottom taskbar.


Insert Date/Time button added

This can be selected where Notes can be added to allow the user to indicate the date and time an entry is being made.


User Name added to Digital Signature

When a pdf is automatically generated on saving any Medical Record, the ADC user’s name is added to the Digital Signature as having created the record. If any edits are made to the Medical Record, a new pdf is generated with the Digital Signature that shows the ADC user name who last edited the record.


Alert added for Client AND Patient

These can be added to any Patient entry AND Client entry. The text is displayed in Patient Medical History, Consultation, and Recheck.  An exclamation mark icon is displayed in the Patient tile, and the text is displayed when the user mouses over the icon. Any user can add or turn off Alert display under Client AND Patient.


Single File Export added to Patient Medical History

The option is added of exporting a single scrollable, merged pdf for Patient Medical History.


Technician Appointment added to Calendar

A Technician Appointment can be added to Calendar under Type of appointment.


Anesthetic Monitoring Chart updated

An updated version of the Anesthetic Drug Quick Calculator  has been  added that was reviewed by an outstanding Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Anesthesia and Analgesia.

Five drugs can be added to Premedication with separate times (additional drugs can be added to Preanesthetic Notes) and a PO route is added.

IV Catheter blood vessel naming added and IV Catheter 2 added if an arterial line is also used. Preanesthetic Notes is added to bottom of page 1 to record any observations prior to induction.

Preanesthetic Notes is copied onto pdf output chart to appear before the Anesthetic Notes.

View Graph button is added at top of page 2 to view trending of parameters.


Dental Chart updated

The Patient name is added at top of Patient/Notes and all quadrant views. PI (Plaque Index) and CI (Calculus Index) Diagnosis abbreviations can be added for individual teeth.  B/E (excisional biopsy) is added to Procedure to indicate teeth removed with an enbloc excisional biopsy.


Hospital Flowsheet and Notes added

A Hospital Flowsheet is added for in-hospital patients. A HiLite button can be used to add a yellow highlight to any fields indicating times for entries to be made.


Duplication of Dental Chart updated

This is available for unlocked and locked Dental Charts. If DT/P (persistent deciduous tooth) is selected for a tooth and an extraction is done, the Duplicate Dental Chart will show the permanent tooth counterpart is still present. If T/SN (supernumerary) is selected for a tooth and an extraction is done, the Duplicate Dental Chart will show the normal tooth is still present.


Import Data updated

Updates are done for Import Data for both Impromed and Avimark application databases.


Data Analysis added

This is added for the Dental Chart and the Bone and Soft Tissue Chart. This can be used to filter Patients with a single Diagnosis or Procedure or combinations of Diagnoses and Procedures based on multiple search criteria. Search criteria include species, breed, sex, age, and date range. This is ideal for dental residency programs and also for tracking practice growth.


Surface Pro Hibernation Mode issue fixed

A fix has been done to prevent freezing of ADC in the default hibernation mode for Surface Pros.


ADC Application 02/27/2019 v The practice director may now reset medical record locks (of each type of medical record) using Practice Settings.  Medical Record templates were improved, rich text notes are more accurately rendered in reports and images are now supported.  When importing patient and client data, an import verification report is e-mailed to the person performing the import.  Quick view now works when adding a new medical record.  Ten medical record types, patient, client, referring vet, medical history and calendar records now protect users from simultaneously editing the same record.
ADC Application 01/09/2019 v This release adds additional Template tags to Medical Record Templates.  Other small minor changes were made to various screens.
ADC Application 12/28/2018 v The culture is now set within the ADC application.  This enables the application to be compatible with non-English character sets (such as French and German) while also supporting differences how decimals are reported.  Considerable effort was expended to test a University of Montreal laptop to ensure all fields, notes, and titles support non-English characters.  For Dental Charts, the "Duplicate" feature provides advanced processing of a duplicated Dental Chart.  For example, if a Dental chart defined an extraction procedure (X, XS, or XSS), the duplicated Chart will process the tooth as now missing (T/M).  This processing applies to CR/A procedures so the Duplicated Chart will process the tooth as TR5 (Tooth resorption stage 5).  See the ADC User Guide for details.  GR/E values have been added to replace GR. The entries for GR/E default to negative values for GR, but tapping a + sign changes the entry to positive for GE.  Medical Record Templates have been expanded for Consultation, Recheck, Progress Notes, and Case Summary so that 8 "Template Tags" may now be utilized for each one.  See the ADC User Guide for details.  Other minor issues were corrected, and various prompts and tool-tips were changed.
ADC Application 12/06/2018 v This release adds variable tags in Medical Record Templates.  Tags allow a form variable such as "Patient_Name" to be dynamically replaced with the actual patient name (value), enabling you to create more versatile medical record templates.  Six tags are currently supported.  We will be be expanding the types of variables supported to some 25 tags (Client, Patient, Referring Vet, Veterinarian) and providing the tags feature in Consult and Rechecks in a future release.  The Impromed Data Import was also improved (default Integration values can be preset).  This release also provides various minor fixes/improvements relating to Patient Medical History and Case Summary records.
ADC Application 11/14/2018 v Increased Case Summary Image notes field length to provide a longer descriptions.  Corrected an issue related to file name extensions of images.  Adjusted user interface slightly on a number of screens (minor instructional or prompt changes).
ADC Application 11/01/2018 v New:  Medical Records Templates are now provided via the Top Right Menu.  Multiple medical record templates for Case Summary, Consultation, Master Problem List, Progress Notes and Recheck are supported (for example, you can define many types of Case Summary Templates).  This feature streamlines medical record entry.

New:  When a Case Summary, Consultation, Master Problem List, Progress Notes or Recheck is changed, you are now prompted to Save if you unintentionally exit.

New:  An "Images" feature was added to Case Summary.  You can add as many images as desired, 2 per row, 6 per page, with each image supporting a text description. Images can be manually selected from your PC, or they can be dragged and dropped from an images folder using Windows Explorer.

New:  Case Summary images may be quickly viewed using the "Images" icon displayed on Case Summary tiles.  When viewing a Patient's records using QuickView, Case Summary records also provide the Images icon.

New:  Case Summary audit logs records also detail images added.

Various other minor changes are included in this release.

ADC Application 07/16/2018 v ADC now supports screen "scaling", where very high resolution video monitor screens require 125%, 150% or 200% scaling.  Future updates have now been automated, simplifying future updates.  This update also includes other minor fixes.
ADC Application 06/18/2018 v Major Performance Increase - When a Dental Chart is saved, processing time was reduced to 4.5 to 6.5 seconds.  The save process also identifies "under-the-hood" activities completed.  Other improvements include: Searching: When searching for a first or last name containing 2 only characters, simple type a leading (last name) or trailing space (first name) to instantly find a list of matching clients.  Various minor issues were corrected related to blank searches, using shared e-mail addresses (Referring Vets) fixes and subscription settings.  Server side (no new ADC release required), over the next week, we will be reducing the [Save] time process for all other records, reducing time by 2 seconds for each different type of medical record.
ADC Application 06/13/2018 v Major Release - Patient Quickview feature added, when viewing patient records, click on the bottom taskbar QuickView icon to quickly view patient records.  Admission Consent form was improved to allow procedures to be defined and saved, with client signing taking place at a later time if desired.  Numerous performance improvements were completed making the product much faster.
ADC Application 04/08/2018 v Patient records may now be searched by Patient name OR by Patient ID.  The Feline Dental chart was adjusted (a space was added between the Mandible and Maxilla sections).  PDF records that contain file attachments may now be launched by double clicking on the Attachment View Icon.
ADC Application 04/03/2018 v Patient Medical History now provides filtered searching by record types.  Selected records may now be exported to a PDF.  The Audit Log (and via the Export of selected records feature) now includes record attachments in each digitally signed PDF (when viewing a record that contains an attachment, click on the attachment icon (left side of the PDF viewer) to display a list of attachments which can be launched).  Action Icons have been improved (View, Edit, Duplicate, Export, Lock, Delete).  A few diagnostic and procedure abbreviations were updated, most notably TBT (To Be Treated) now changes the tooth outline color to red.  When signing the consent form for Recheck or Consultations using a stylus, the form would sometines scroll.  This has been corrected.  Note the Client and Referring Veterinarian Portal interface (Search/Filtering for Patient Medical History) and for Icon changes will be updated May 2nd due the QA process related to the API changes released on May 1st.
ADC Application 03/25/2018 v Practice Settings – Client and Referring Vet Welcome E-mail content may now be customized and previewed.  The Practice Logo added in Practice Settings will be included in Welcome E-mails.  The Animal Dental Chart Veterinary Practice Registration now requests a common e-mail address used to reply-to the Practice (it can be changed in Practice Settings).  Set this to be a common address, such as  Note the descriptor portion of the reply-to e-mail address will use the Practice name.
ADC Application 02/23/2018 v A date formatting issue was corrected related to the dd/mm/yyyy date preference setting in Practice settings.  Non-forced (no version increment) changes to the installer were also made on Feb 28th.  Changes included retaining last logon e-mail address (easier logon) and a fix to time stamp parsing.
ADC Application 02/15/2018 v Adjusted Dental Chart quadrant preview to compensate for non-standard DPI resolutions, fixed an issue relating to Referring Vet shared e-mail address.  Also made minor changes to Practice Settings UI.
ADC Application 02/14/2018 v Adjusted Welcome message e-mailed to Clients.  Admission and Consent signature area enlarged and reminder prompt added.  EULA updated.  Various minor changes to Dental Chart images.
ADC Application 02/05/2018 v This is a MAJOR release.  Changes/Improvements include:

All 16 different Dental Chart Quadrant images are now higher resolution (quality improved) and two times larger.  A new technology was implemented to mask out changes enabling images to be automatically colored (and edits retained) even when color changes are applied after the quadrant was edited using the double size image.

All Bone and Soft Tissue images are now higher resolution (quality improved) and two times larger.  Both #1 and #2 items improve the overall editing experience, allowing finer details to be captured and reported.

All medical records now appear in the Patient Medical History listing for a patient.  Previously, Home Care and Client Education records did not appear in the Patient Medical History list.

The Patient Medical History List now displays records ordered by date of medical record AND server date/time in descending order.  For example, if 5 records were added on the same day, they will appear in order they were added.

The Referring Vet Portal and the Client Portal now lists medical records in the same order as the Patient Medical History listing (record date, server date/time descending).

A major feature was added which provides a patient medical history audit log report:When any type of medical record is added or changed or deleted, an entry is made into the Patient’s “Audit Log”.

Each audit log record is accompanied by a PDF report of the medical recordEach PDF report is digitally signed by the server, using the SSL certificate of the server.

This feature ensures that the reports are verified as being accurate and changes to them have not been made as edits will invalidate the digital signature.

Records listed in the audit log are in the same order as the Patient History listing (but will include changes and deletes).

Even if a dental chart or any other medical record is deleted, previous add or change actions, including the PDF reporting will be documented in the audit log.  This allows records to be viewed at the state they were when saved, and also allow deleted records to be viewed. In essence, all activity is captured and the signing ensures that records cannot be altered.

Practice Settings now allows the Practice Director to define access to the different roles that may use this feature.  If access is assigned, when the role (ADC user) views a Patient’s Medical History, a button will appear to “Retrieve” the audit log for the patient.  A PDF will then be launched detailing all medical record additions, changes and deletes.

Since the audit log is a new feature, digitally signed PDF records and audit log entries will be created for ALL medical records that were defined prior to this release for each practice.  This ensures a fresh starting point for the audit log, noting that changes and deletes prior to this release cannot be generated as such was not previously tracked.

All PDF reports now provide utilize a common “Header” for reporting consistency.  Three different types of headers are utilized (1 landscape for the Dental Chart, 1 for general items such as note type records, and 1 where the teeth type is required (Permanent or Deciduous).

Practice Settings: A View button was added which opens a web page to

When a Client or Referring Vet is added, if there is an e-mail in-use conflict, a notice is now displayed detailing the name of the conflicting client or referring vet that is using the same e-mail address.   This helps the user to determine what and where definition changes as required.

When a Referring Vet is added or changed, the option to use a shared e-mail address is now provided.  Previously, the sharing option was provided only when adding a Referring Vet.  This option provides more versatility when Referring Vet practices use a common e-mail address.

When a Client or Referring Vet welcome e-mail is sent, a label was added to state the date when the welcome e-mail was last sent.  For example, after sending an invitation e-mail, a label will appear that states “Welcome e-mail last sent mm/dd/yyyy” (formatted as per practice settings date preference).  Note the “Send Initiation” checkbox is an ACTION, whereas the label states when the last invite was sent (informational).  As such, by default, when changing a client or Referring Vet, the option to Send Invitation is not checked by default (it is an action, not a status).  Also, e-mail invites reset the recipient password so we must not check this option by default.

Dental Chart records may now be duplicated.  When tiles are displayed, a new icon is present “Duplicate as New Chart” which duplicates an existing record as a new record using today’s A prompt appears to confirm the process.  Upon duplicate success (a notice is displayed), the user would then edit the duplicated record to add or document progress changes.  This feature assists to add new dental charting progress information while retaining previously charted information.

Bone and Soft Tissue records may now be duplicated.  This feature is the same as the Dental Chart “Duplicate as New Chart” feature but is related to Bone and Soft Tissue Charts rather than Dental Charts.

When changing a Dental Chart, when tabbing through PAL and PPD measurements, the application now selects the previously entered value.  This allows a new value to by typed in (overwriting the previous value).  Previously, the new value entered would append to the previous value.  This feature allows for faster editing.

When changing an Anesthetic Monitor Chart (page 2) values, tabbing from field to field now selects the previously entered value.  This allows a new value to by typed in (overwriting the previous value).  Previously, the new value entered would append to the existing value.  This feature allows for faster editing.

A few Abbreviations were updated.

The registration portal requested a link to the Practice’s Licensing Body.  The link field length was expanded to support longer URLs.

For practices that edited dental chart quadrant images prior to this release, the editing process will automatically revert to the previous version (as the new editing process is incompatible with the previous version).  Therefore, all dental records which have a server date/time change date prior to release date, when changed, will revert to the previous “code and images” version (the system is simultaneously supporting 2 release versions).

For practices that edited bone and soft tissue images prior to this release, the editing process will automatically revert to the previous version (similar to #30) as image edits cannot be migrated due to the 2x size change.

ADC Application 12/28/2017 v MAJOR DENTAL CHART CHANGE: A new, highly advanced, technical approach improves the quadrant editing process.  For example, if you select Edit Image you can add freehand annotations or add text, then select Save and only the annotations (less the background) are applied to the new quadrant image.  This improvement allows quadrant image edits to be retained after any Diagnosis or Procedure is added, changed, or removed and Apply is selected.  Also corrected an issue when a client name incorrectly contained a leading space.
ADC Application 11/02/2017 v Altered Dental Chart, when a DT or DT/P Abbreviation is assigned to a permanent tooth, the report displays a deciduous tooth number for the affected tooth.
ADC Application 10/30/2017 v Added Dental Chart feature, when a DT or DT/P abbreviation is assigned to a permanent tooth, the Occlusal Dental Chart and the Dental Summary Chart will display a deciduous tooth number for the affected tooth.
ADC Application 10/23/2017 v Corrected issues related to using Surface Pro hardware and a stylus.  Fixed a Dental Chart issue related to multiple tooth editing.  Corrected a default domain path when importing Client and Patient definitions.
ADC Application 09/26/2017 v Adjustments were made to Dental Chart coloring overlays related to Abbreviations.
ADC Application 09/11/2017 v Adjustments were made to the Calendar feature to display additional information for Clients and Referring Vets.
ADC Application 09/07/2017 v Improvements were made to the Calendar feature to display additional information for Clients and Referring Vets.  Corrected Dental Chart issue related to Diagnosis  definition scenarios.  Corrected issue related to Windows 10™ (only) secondary retry prompts during an internet connectivity outage (client connectivity).  Made minor tweaks to the Dental Chart user interface.
ADC Application 08/11/2017 v Changes were made to Abbreviation definitions.  Other fixes were made to the user interface (minor tweaks).
ADC Application 08/10/2017 v Abbreviation definitions were updated.  Anesthetic Monitoring Chart now prompts for Induction time (if not entered).  Custom templates for Notes were further refined.
ADC Application 08/03/2017 v Adjusted Notes templates to support simple tables, adjusted them to improve quality of Notes text. Corrected a Bone and Soft Tissue Chart data  bug. Minor updates to Abbreviation.
ADC Application 07/12/2017 v Adjusted Dental Chart screens to improve clarity.  Minor fixes / adjustments were made to other screens relating to resize calculations for very large screens.  Improved functionality when saving an Admission and Consent Form for Consultation and Recheck.
ADC Application 06/25/2017 v Minor fixes
ADC Application 06/05/2017 v Improvements were made to Practice Settings templates, allowing the practice manager to define data entry templates for Consultation, Recheck, Progress Notes, Case Summary, and Master Problem List with one click save. These 5 different types of Notes now support text formatting (font-size, font-face, bold, italic, etc.). Minor correction to Dental Chart watermarks were made (font size, centering). Tile listings were altered for Consultation, Recheck, Progress Notes, Case Summary, and Master Problem List, providing icons for Notes that can be exported. Minor UI layout and centering changes were made to reports and a few buttons. Portal (for Clients and Referring Vets) default security was changed to enable viewing the 5 types of Notes templates. Tiles were changed to display icons for attachments.
ADC Application 04/15/2017 v Based upon BETA test user feedback: Added a Practice Settings "Templates" feature, allowing the practice manager to define data entry templates for Consultation, Recheck, Progress Notes, Case Summary, and Master Problem List.  These 5 different types of Notes now support text formatting (font-size, font-face, bold, italic, etc.).  Dental Chart records now provide watermark prompting when entering PAL and PPD measurements.  Dental Chart interface to launch a Bone and Soft Tissue Chart is now more intuitive.  Dental Chart Diagnosis and Procedure may now be searched using Medical Descriptions OR Abbreviations.  Occlusal Dental Chart and Dental Summary Chart were altered to improve clarity.
ADC Application 04/26/2017 v Added feature to allow adding or editing a Bone and Soft Tissue Chart from within a Dental Chart.  Both types of Charts can now be edited at the same time.
ADC Application 04/12/2017 v Today's forced release includes fixes related to the Autosave feature for Dental Charts.
ADC Application 04/05/2017 v Today's forced release includes minor fixes and adjustments: Portal for Referring Vets so Patient Medical History records can no longer be deleted, ADC notice message altered when e-mail address is in use, PAL and PPD measurements corrected related to unexpected client navigation, corrected Patient search for default veterinarian, corrected a colorization issue in Dental Charts when removing and adding a Diagnosis, improved user management for Practice Director and Practice Manager, adjusted/improved a few notices, updated a few Abbreviations.  To install this update, uninstall, then visit the downloads page to get the latest release.
ADC Application 03/16/2017 v UPDATED: No version increment.  Various fixes and tweaks related to the 3/10/2017 release.  Uninstall, download a new version and install.
ADC Application 03/10/2017 v Recurring Appointments are now supported.  Daily, weekly. and monthly recurrences can now be defined for "Other" types of appointments.  Additionally, All Day appointments may now be scheduled.  Drag and Drop is now supported for Appointments, Patient Medical History can now be viewed on the calendar when an appointment allows the system to identify a patient.  Improvements were also made to Autosave, when Autosaving, a notice now appears.  Also, when editing an existing Dental Chart or Anesthetic Monitoring Chart, the user is prompted to enable or disable Autosave.
ADC Application 02/16/2017 v MAJOR RELEASE: Implemented subscriptions, billing and unsubscribe.  Calendar changes include a Today button; Calendar now remains on same date navigated to.  Telephone numbers may now contain extensions or comments Patient tiles now display Referring Vet name and telephone number.  Patient Medical History now displays a tile for the selected Patient.  Unsubscribe is now supported via Trial/Subscription button.  Clicking on the top-left heading image navigates to Home, plus various minor corrections.
ADC Application 01/23/2017 v Change searching ordering defaults on Client, Patient, and Referring Vet screens.  Corrected Admissions and Consent Form related to Patient name.  Changed a Practice settings default value.
ADC Application 01/17/2017 v Corrected issue in Anesthetic Monitoring Chart when [PREV] was clicked, removed a blank page in the Anesthetic Monitoring Chart PDF report, Dental Chart tooth  206 corrected (Feline Permanent), minor fix to Patient Medical History related to Consultations, minor fix to Calendar week/month navigation.
ADC Application 01/12/2017 v Dental Chart UI changed to allow removing data, entry in Mobility, GI, PD or FE dropdowns, Request Support link now provided, Anesthetic Monitoring Chart modified to honor regional settings.
ADC Application 01/02/2017 v Debugging and logic added/changed to Add Calendar Appointment due to a Windows 7 issue.  Dental Chart fix applied relating to PAL and PPD entries.
ADC Application 12/27/2016 v Abbreviations added or updated, Autosave feature added to Anesthetic Monitoring Chart and Dental Charts, fix applied to Client Education, miscellaneous other changes.
ADC Application 12/08/2016 v Abbreviations added or updated, Quick Drug Calculator updated, Ordering of Patient Medical History by record date, Ordering of Client, Patient, Referring Vet. and Patient Medical Record tiles by last modified date, User Guide update, Corrected exported chart file format (date format), corrected Anesthetic record CRI1 And CRI2 dropdown save issue, multi-line in portal notes implemented, Dental Chart correction, Anesthetic Monitoring Chart to allow 100 characters, Bone and Soft Tissue Chart hang issue, Anesthetic Monitoring Chart app crash issue fixed, Miscellaneous other fixes.  Installer now provides repair/remove, eliminating the need to remove via the Control Panel.  In summary, just run the new installer, select remove.  After removing, run the same MSI again to install.
ADC Application 12/02/2016 v Calendar Search feature added, where a client can be searched, listing all appointments, past and future.  Minor changes and fixes Anesthetic Monitoring Chart and Dental Charts.  Web Portals for Clients and Referring Vets improved.
ADC Application 11/28/2016 v Referring Vets of the same Practice may now share a common Practice e-mail address.  Custom Library and Patient files feature, simplifying sharing standard and edited files and other content can be attached to Annotated Client Education records (Home Care).  Minor fixes related to Anesthetic Monitoring Chart, Dental Chart, and Bone and Soft Tissue Chart.
ADC Application 11/17/2016 v Anesthetic Monitoring Chart graph is now wider (increased time range), with notes displayed on last page. The Canine Permanent Dental Chart is now landscape, providing improved clarity due to the wider page format.  Abbreviation formatting on all Dental Charts has been improved.  Bone and Soft Tissue Charts now display Procedure and Diagnosis on page 1, and if possible, include Notes on page 1.  Coming soon: Referring Vets from the same practice to share a common practice e-mail address, with portal access provided using a single common login account.  Calendar to support a Client Search (display historical and future appointments with appointment editing capability).  Custom File Library feature, simplifying sharing standard and edited files and other content to be attached to Annotated Client Education records (Home Care).
ADC Application 11/11/2016 v Dental Chart [Apply] button is now quadrant specific.  [Save] button must be clicked to save (previously, apply was also saving).  Added Dental Chart "Unselect" button to unselect teeth (when multiples or single selected).  Anesthetic Monitoring Chart format changed, graph is now wider, with Notes appearing on a separate page (font size will be increased in next release). Notes were increased from 40 characters to 100..  Corrected issue where navigating to Previous page, then navigating to Next Page in Anesthetic chart caused Page 2 time/data changes to be lost.  Bone and Soft Tissue Chart Occlusion moved to 2nd page of report.
ADC Application 11/03/2016 v Patient Body Weight is now optional, data entry is not required (blank entry accepted).  Anesthetic Monitoring Chart module scroll bar has been modified to be wider (for touch screens).  Abbreviation listings are now sorted by abbreviation by default (columns can be clicked to change sorting preference). Home Page menu changed slightly (New Medical Records).  This release also includes stability fixes for the Dental Charts and a fix to Anesthetic Monitoring Chart entries (null entries were being incorrectly graphed as 0 values).  In the next few weeks, we will be adding 1: A Home Care Feature (similar to Annotated Client Education, supporting document templates, 2: Allow Referring Vets to share a common e-mail address, 3: Change Canine Permanent Dental chart to be Landscape (due to the larger number of teeth for improved chart clarity) and 4: Provide a Client search within the Calendar, listing all historical and future appointments.
ADC Application 10/27/2016 v Corrected issue with Date format and Body Weight not appearing correctly on 2 charts.  Added .5 value as valid input relating to Dental Chart measurements.  Corrected Anesthetic Monitoring Chart reporting "0" when no value was entered.  Improved feature to allow Add Client, Add Patient and Add Referring Vet when editing or adding a Client or Patient.  Fixed minor issues related to Dental Chart editing images (additional improvements and performance to be included in the next release).
ADC Application 10/20/2016 v Changed Client definition to allow the title to be optional (as in the case of a client called "Bob and Sharon Smith").  Dental Charts - numerous changes to better manage editing an image, applying changes, warning prompts if the manually edited image is to be overwritten with new applied changes, etc.  Client portal was updated to correct a scenario where a Dental Summary Chart contained a broken image link.  Updated Canine Deciduous Maxilla Left Dental Chart image (minor perspective change).
ADC Application 10/13/2016 v Dental Chart - numerous changes to better manage manual image editing.
ADC Application 10/07/2016 v Corrected 2 issues related to Windows 10 on a Surface Tablet.  Changed prompt (clarification change) when re-editing a Dental Chart quadrant image.  Altered the Annotated Client Education feature to generate a report for easier export to PDF or word.
ADC Application 10/04/2016 v Dental Chart edited images corrected to appear on Dental Chart.  Various changes to Diagnosis and Procedure abbreviation categories.  Minor UI changes related to data descriptions.
ADC Application 09/26/2016 v Dental Chart [Edit Image] button moved to a more pronounced area of importance.  Corrected logic related to future releases where a release may be optional or forced.
ADC Application 09/26/2016 v Abbreviation form font color changed to black.  Three Diagnosis / Procedure abbreviations changed.
ADC Application 09/23/2016 v Calendar now defaults to 8:00 am (new appointments) allowing the user to scroll up or down within a 24 time period instead of being restricted to a 12 hour appointment range. Diagnosis and Procedure were updated.
ADC Application 09/19/2016 v "Other" types of appointments added to calendar, assigned to everyone or a specific internal user (eg: Staff meeting). Calendar API was updated.  A Help icon was added to the application footer to launch the User Guide.  The Avimark import was updated (minor change).  Implemented displaying the number of recent records (as per practice settings) on all relevant screens.  If search is clicked, the new "Displaying X recent records" notice is removed.  Corrected an issue where the list tiles (for Patient or Referring Vet) was clipped. Corrected issue relating to version checking. Displaying X records set to 5. Ajax search used for Referring Vet on Patient  definition.
ADC Application 09/05/2016 v Anesthetic Monitoring Chart now launches in a new form, allowing the monitoring chart to be used simultaneously with the Dental Chart or Bone and Soft Tissue Chart, allowing data entry to occur to two forms SIMULTANEOUSLY, with support for 1 more more video monitors. The Medical Records menu was adjusted from a 4 x 3 (column, row) format to a 3 x 4 (column, row) format to better order the Patient process on a row basis. The Dental Chart Procedure pop-up for the surgery category was optimized to display the most common procedures (extractions) to appear first (exceptions to alphabetical ordering). A new Practice Settings value was added to define how many most recent records (default) to display with a default value of 9 records. All screens with tiles to default to the setting to be implemented by September 14. State/Province support was added to the AviMark™ import process.
Server API 08/30/2016 NA API support added for importing ImproMed™ weight records.  Importing of ImproMed™ weight records will be supported by 8/31/2016.
ADC Application 08/30/2016 v This release is a forced upgrade (not optional).  Please uninstall application using control panel to Add/Remove programs, download new release and re-install. Calendar improved for 15 minute appointments.  Calendar appointments now provide link to send a Welcome e-mail to a Client e-mail address.  Chart headings improved (Dental Chart, Dental Summary Chart, Occlusal Dental Chart) for custom logo and a more pronounced Practice Name heading.  Listing of Body Weight fixed (duplication issue).  Charting speed was drastically improved, also added an Apply button to colorize the teeth according to Diagnosis or Procedure.  Release notes added to releases.