Connect with your Referring Vets


Animal 12
                                                 Feature                                             Benefit
Welcome e-mails sent to Referring Vets to securely access your practice portal  to upload Patient files to Patient Medical History Easy transfer of Patient Medical History from Referring Vets for their Patients
Any type of file can be saved to Patient Medical History Versatile entry of Patient Medical History
Referring Vets can login to your practice portal to view their own Patients' medical records Easy for Referring Vets to get updates on their own Patients
Selected Patient Medical History can be e-mailed as a single pdf file to Referring Vets For those users who wish to e-mail Referring Vets with updates on their own Patients
Show your Referring Vets how to do better Dental and Bone and Soft Tissue Charting using current Abbreviations Clearer and more complete medical records created for Patients being referred